Your Challenge

You spent months working it out…

Two weeks delivering it… 

How can you be sure they’ll remember it next day?

Why is Communicating Strategy is such a Chellenge?

Today’s successful communicators are using:

A shared mental model

– a single ‘big picture’ visual, accessible to everyone, that shows the strategy as a whole and how its key components fit together.

A Story

– with a beginning, a middle and an end or resolution, using simple, straight forward language to create links, assign meaning and focus attention on the right topics.

A Delivery Method

– that builds confidence, consistently reinforces the story and naturally engages people in the conversations that matter.

Your Challenge

Strategy often fails to paint a clear enough picture for people to really get it. A lack of context and insufficient references for strategic language and concepts can make it difficult for people to develop a mental image and a personal meaning.

That means poor traction for your message.

If you’re looking to really engage people in your strategy you’ll need more than a slide presentation or a roadshow.

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