Doing Communication Differently

“It was when we started to use the illustration that we began to realise it’s real power.”

Senior Executive Airline Industry

This naturally engaging approach creates high gain strategic conversation at all level in the business

Methods that rely on outside expertise or talented individuals for their continued success can be unsustainable.

Strategy Illustrated gives leaders the ability to clearly articulate their strategy both visually and verbally. Users experience many benefits beyond just raising levels of strategic understanding. The tools are designed to build trust and reflect authenticity in both the strategy and those leading the communication.

The role of leaders in this process is to set a clear context and assign meaning to the concepts in the illustration. The role of managers is to engage people in conversation about topics in the illustration and help make local connections.

At its best, Strategy Illustrated is a tool for dialogue. Dialogue pollinates understanding and helps greater meaning take root in each individual. This is a key component of high performance and a cradle for business transformation.

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