‘Integrative Senior Care’ Parts 1 & 2 Webinar Presented by Dr Nell Ostermeier


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Senior pet care is not easy – but as integrative vets, we can make the aging process as easy as possible for our patients and their people!

Senior pets make up a large percentage of most of our acupuncture and integrative practices.  We are familiar with common patterns of aging, but it is often challenging to choose which patterns to address first or when to shift gears towards a different treatment strategy.  Through greater understanding of the ancient theory of aging according to TCM, we can predict, treat and explain both physical and mental patterns that pop up in senior pets.

Part 1 ‘The Essence of Aging According to TCM’ – will explain the TCM theory of aging, starting with the foundation of Essence and expanding into the organs and patterns most affected by its natural decline.  We’ll start with the general aging process and then examine the roles of the primary organs and patterns. Let’s take senior care to the next level!

Part 2 ‘Application of TCVM Treatment Strategies for the Aging Pet’ – will focus on treatment strategies for senior pets.  A brief review of common patterns will be presented, then we will cover how to conserve Essence and how to treat both primary and secondary patterns. Case studies will be presented using patients with mixed patterns. We’ll discuss how acupuncture, herbs, food therapy and supplements can be used synergistically to treat geriatrics.

Some comments from participants of Dr Ostermeier’s webinar series….I felt the need to reach out immediately to state that I thought Dr Ostermeier‘s webinar tonight was outstanding. Her ability to break down complex organ relationships into accessible clear models was remarkable and hugely helpful.  Thank you for this. I know my patients will benefit” and “I was able to attend the webinar which was wonderful. Very valuable information and a great speaker.”

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Presented by Dr Nell Ostermeier DVM, CVA, FAAVA

Dr. Nell grew up on a small farm in Illinois and developed a passion for working with animals at a very young age. She graduated with her DVM from the University of Illinois in 2004, practiced for a few years in Southern California, and eventually moved to Portland, Oregon where she founded  a neighborhood small animal practice with her husband. Her journey into integrative medicine began in 2010 when she enrolled in the IVAS Acupuncture course and her eyes were opened to the wonderful world of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  From that point on, she has been integrating TCM with conventional treatment plans to achieve the greatest impact for her patients.  Nell returned as a teaching assistant for the IVAS course in 2013 and over time her role has evolved into Teaching Associate Coordinator and Instructor.  She completed the requirements and examination in 2019 to become a Fellow of the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture (FAAVA). Nell has lectured at both allopathic and integrative veterinary conferences around the U.S. and internationally.

Nell has participated in intensive business and communication coaching programs that have contributed greatly to her professional success and personal happiness.  In 2017, she created People + Pet Integrative Therapies in order to share what she has learned and to help other vets set and achieve their own vision. Because she loves the hands-on and relationship aspect of her job, Nell continues to practice in the “real world” clinical setting while coaching others.

Her mission is to make integrative medicine more accessible to animals around the world and to improve work-life happiness in the veterinary field.  When she’s not out working on this mission, Dr. Nell loves to do just about anything outdoors and enjoys traveling to just about anywhere.