Conservative Management of Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease by Dr Tanya Grantham


The choice to not operate on a patient with cranial cruciate ligament disease is being made more frequently than a decade ago. Being aware of these options, their expected results, possible complications and the input required by all involved parties will assist with the decision-making process. Physical rehabilitation plays an integral role in the dog’s recovery, as does the client’s participation. Numerous physiotherapy modalities can be used to improve muscular engagement and  to enhance mobility . All are not suitable for every patient. This is a journey; with peaks and valleys, twists and turns, and forks in the road. The destination is return to function.

Live: Wednesday 2nd December 2020 at 6pm (Los Angeles, Pacific Standard Time)
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Presented by Dr Tanya Grantham – BSc (Hons) BVSc (Univ. of Pta,S. Africa) CCRP (Univ of Tennessee, USA) CCBW 

Dr. Tanya Grantham qualified as a veterinarian in 1994. She is now the owner of Animal Health and Hydro, a facility dedicated to physical rehabilitation and pain management in dogs and cats. Aside from a burning desire to enhance the quality of life of her animal patients, Dr. Tanya also loves to share her knowledge with veterinary professionals, pet owners and anyone that is interested in enhancing their life (and the lives of their companions) through information and skills. Her wildly improbable goal is to establish a foundation that supports all veterinary professionals on every level – be it physical, emotional, spiritual, personal or through business education, financial aid and learning skills that enhance our hands-on abilities. Animal Health and Hydro has grown from a single person (and one facility) to a company that employs eight people and has three branches. Dr. Tanya has also compiled an online course for veterinarians – Canine Integrative Physical Rehabilitation – for which she is the tutor and mentor. She has been involved in examining final year veterinary physiotherapy students for the preceding five years and recently took up a post as part-time lecturer at EquineLibrium College in South Africa. Dr. Tanya loves to be with her animal companions (horses, dogs and cats). She is a keen trail runner and experiences great joy when she is running with her horse beside her.