DVS EC Premium Connect System

The DVS EC Premium Connect is a superior positive pressure ventilation system. Featuring the latest ventilation technology from DVS, you can now control your home’s humidity, temperature and air quality from a fingertip. Enjoy the benefits of a drier and healthier home now with our EC Premium Connect model.

The DVS EC Premium Connect is an enhanced positive pressure ventilation system and is designed to keep your home dry and healthy with minimal user input.

The ventilation system features a wireless CO2 sensor, which continually monitors the level of carbon dioxide in your home. When CO2 reaches an unhealthy level, the ventilation system will instantly increase the level of fresh air delivered into your home – helping to keep you and your family healthier all year round.

Thanks to its heat retention and heat recovery functionalities this ventilation system adapts to the ambient temperature. If the supplied air temperature is warmer than your home, free warmth will be transferred into your living areas up to your desired temperature. If the supply air is colder than your house (such as winter evenings), the fan speed can be slowed down to keep the home as close as possible to your desired temperature.

The humidity sensing function monitors humidity in the supply air and inside your home, ensuring your home will only be ventilated with air that helps make it healthier and drier.

Operating Your DVS EC Premium Connect System

Click Here to download a User Manual for the EC Premium Connect Wi-Fi controller.

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