Standalone Heat Transfer Systems

In addition to our DVS Integrated Heat Transfer Addon, we also offer standalone heat transfer systems that do not require you to have a DVS EC Premium Connect System. This page is for our standalone heat transfer systems.

Rooms that get more sun or have a heat source are generally warmer than those without. With a heat transfer system however, you can ensure other rooms in your home are as warm and cosy as your sunlit lounge.

Heat transfer systems balance the temperature in your home by evenly distributing energy from a heat source, such as a fireplace or heater, throughout your home.

All of our standalone heat transfer systems are available with installation or as DIY kits.


Fresh Ventilation Standalone Heat Transfer System

We can arrange a standalone heat transfer system to suit any price point. Our heat transfer systems use components that have been carefully selected for their purpose. We use only the best components to ensure that you get superior performance, proven reliability and lower operating costs. We have a range of Australian made ducting options and offer German made centrifugal fans with both AC and EC motors.

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DVS EC Standalone Heat Transfer System

While you may have a perfectly good heating source in the living area (such as a wood burner), the heat it generates does not always extend to other areas, such as the bedrooms. The DVS EC Standalone Heat Transfer System uses excess heat from your existing heating to create supplementary heating for other rooms in your home – making the best use of heat you’ve already paid for.

Click Here to download a User Manual for the DVS EC Standalone Heat Transfer Controller.

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DVS home ventilation systems are the most advanced ventilation systems in the Australian market.  Some of the many benefits include:

  • Made in New Zealand.
  • German made EC motors by ebm-papst.
  • Temperature sensors in the fan and the control panel.
  • Custom moulded DVS diffusers that are both attractive and designed specifically for ventilation.
  • 5 years warranty backed both by DVS on their product and Fresh Ventilation on our installation.
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